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3 Song ep

Digital download

released December 24, 2020

Jeremy Bleich ~ acoustic guitar/composition
Paul Brown ~ acoustic bass
Milton Villarrubia III - drums

record, mixed and produced by Jeremy Bleich @grasshoppermusic
mastered by Will Dyar

Cover art by Michael J Hentz - @heavyhymns

all compositions by: Jeremy Bleich
grasshoppermusic 2020 all rights reserved

















Apocalpse Fatigue

Vinyl and Digital release August 23, 2022

Jeremy Bleich - guitars/processing
Paul Brown - acoustic and electric basses
Milton Villarrubia III - drums/processing

Recorded September 2021 by Andrew Stoltz @ Grasshopper Music
except "The Water We Swim In" recorded September 2019
by Carlos Santisteven @Grasshopper Music

Mixed by: Andrew Stoltz & Jeremy Bleich @Pigwhistle
Mastered by: Carl Saff

cover art by:
Wendy Walker Silverman

all compositions by: Jeremy Bleich
Grasshopper Music 2021
all rights reserved

Apocalypse Fatigue (Vinyl and Digital)
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